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A Grooming Poem

FUN TIME! I just don’t like it when I’m kept out,It’s not my fault I’m covered in grime,I have to get dry before I get brushedAnd sadly it takes such a long, long time.It is such fun when in water I romp,I’m a Poodle – it’s in my blood!Please hurry, I want to sit onContinue reading “A Grooming Poem”


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We spent ten years teaching pet owners like you how to groom their own dogs. In our face to face classes we taught about 1,800 students how to brush, wash and dry the coat, properly, and also how to clip toenails and clean anal glands. We also taught them the basic skills they needed to clip their dogs.

We love teaching, seeing students gain confidence in caring for their dogs and lose their fear of hurting their dogs when cutting toe nails or clipping.

And we learn an amazing amount from our students, about how they care for their pet dogs problems they have had and what is important to them as owners.

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