Why do we groom our dogs?

Our dogs are all different and so are we. Most of us want to groom our dogs for some, or all, of the following reasons.

  • We like them to look and feel clean
  • We don’t want them to smell
  • Grooming our dog gives us pleasure and relaxes us and them
  • It helps get rid of parasites
  • They look nice when they are well groomed
  • They are a breed that needs to be groomed a certain way to look “right”
  • If they have long hair clipping them off short keeps them cool {WARNING This is not always true}.
  • Grooming them regularly makes them easier to wash and look after.
  • It helps to keep their skin healthy
  • It’s a way to show we care about them, and to bond with our dog

And there are extra pluses if you groom your dog yourself.

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