Treats – Special Occasions

Louise’s Wheat-free Biscuits

This recipe from my friend Louise requires a unique Australian product, Vegemite, no idea if Marmite will work as well or if there is a US substitute, but you can use another savoury spread. Or try using dried bacon bits {no need to dissolve them in water}.

The recipe for the bickies for which her dog Harry would sell his soul is as follows: They are not a liver treat and the oat content means they are not gluten-free.


500g Buckwheat flour

1/2 cup rolled oats

1 egg

1tsp yeast extract(Vegemite) dissolved in 1/4cup hot water 

Mix all ingredients swth sufficient water -approx 2 cups- to make a firm but slightly sticky dough Spread dough in thin layer on cookie sheets or spread in spoonfuls on cookie sheets. Bake at 150c till firm and dry on top surface. Turn cookies and continue to dry in a slow oven until crisp through.  Probably best stored refrigerated. Cheers, Louise

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