10 grooming tasks

Grooming includes everything we do externally that helps to make our dogs look and feel good.

There are about 10 things that can be part of grooming your dog. You DON’T do all these things every time you groom your dog, several are only done once a month, or less, and some of these things are easy to learn and some aren’t.

We can teach you online to do all the tasks that you need help to learn, except clipping.

You can keep your dog clean and healthy and looking really good without knowing how to do them all. And remember that none of us start out knowing everything! We learn as we go along.


1.   Brushing

2.   Combing

3.   Bathing

4.   Drying

Less Often

5.   Clipping nails

6.   Cleaning and plucking ears

7.   Regular flea prevention

8.   Clipping your dogs coat

9.   Cleaning teeth when required

10. Cleaning anal glands when required

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